THC Gummies and Sleep: What You Need to Know

Cannabis Edibles and Sleep


Nearly 70 million Americans have a sleep disorder.  Insomnia is the most common type of sleep disorder, with 30% of adults reporting struggles with this condition.  As more and more people try to wrestle with their racing thoughts and anxiety, they’ve turned to aids like sleep gummies to help sleep peacefully through the night.

Now that PTSD has been added to the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in Texas, this group can benefit from using THC and CBD to help the sleep struggles that plague them.  A good night’s rest is crucial for all aspects of physical and mental health, and so all patients who enroll in the Compassionate Use Program in Texas can improve their sleep with THC gummies.


Cannabis and Sleep: a known benefit for hundreds of years

Using cannabis for sleep and relaxation is nothing new. THC has sedative effects helpful for people who struggle to fall asleep due to racing and intrusive thoughts.  Cannabis also helps with pain that can keep people awake at night.  Cannabinoids like CBD and THC are now available in gummies as medication in Texas, and the patients enrolled in the program are reporting high levels of satisfaction in the way these gummies help them to sleep.  They also confirm that getting a good night’s sleep improves their energy and mood the following day.

By exploring your tolerance for THC and CBD during bedtime, you may be able to identify which type of gummies agree with your physiology and genetic makeup, allowing you to sleep when you want for a longer period of time than  smoking cannabis for sleep will allow.


Why are Marijuana Gummies Good for Sleep?

THC gummies are good for sleep for two different reasons. First, they are great for the times when you’re really ready to go to bed. If it’s been a stressful day or you need to make sure you get a good night’s sleep before a big day, having THC gummies in your nightstand or medicine cabinet can be incredibly helpful.

Secondly, incorporating marijuana gummies into your nightly routine can help you find a sleep cadence that your body can get into, thereby creating a sleep habit. And a proper sleep habit is great for avoiding sleep disorder. 

Lastly, medical marijuana prescribed by a physician can be tailored to your sleep issues with fewer harmful side effects found in most pharmaceutical medications for insomnia.  Drugs like ambien have a strong rebound effect of worsening insomnia when you stop taking it.  THC gummies are more gentle with the body and do not have this strong rebound insomnia reaction when you take a break from using them.  They also do not cause dizziness or sluggishness the following day. 


What Is Important to Know About Using THC Gummies for Sleep?


You can start by implementing THC gummies for weekend sleep. At Compassionate Telemedicine, we recommend a starting dose of a 5 mg gummy an hour before bed.  Most people respond well to Indica strains for sleep, and our patients generally use 5-10mg a night to sleep.  When you start to reach for 15-20 mg a night, this is the time to take a holiday from the drug for 3 nights or more, to lower your tolerance and take your required dosage back down to 5 mg.  This way you can keep your body healthy and sleeping, without creating a habit of constantly increasing the dose you need to keep sleeping well. 

Once you become comfortable with using cannabis at night,  you can start experimenting with gummies during the work or school week.  THC gummies help patients with PTSD and anxiety stay calm and focused without the side effects that come with psychiatric medications used to treat these disorders. 


What Strain of THC is Best for Sleep?

As with all cannabis products, you will have to make sure that you monitor your intake and only use the lowest dose to alleviate your symptoms.  It may turn out that marijuana gummies aren’t helpful for your sleep at all. This is the reason Compassionate Telemedicine physicians are a great resource to help introduce new patients to using cannabis and helping them navigate interactions with other medications. 


For those who do find the effects of cannabis beneficial for sleep, here’s a few places you might want to start:


Gummies with CBD for Sleep

To begin, try addressing the symptoms that keep you up at night. CBD by itself may do the trick. Be sure to experiment with different forms of CBD, trying tinctures, smoking/vaping, and edibles.  The different routes of administration have an important role in your response to the medication.

If you’re interested in the entourage effect of cannabinoids, you can try products that combine both THC and CBD.  In Texas, we currently have both gummies and tinctures that use these compounds in combination.  Many people respond well to higher ratios of CBD:THC - you must experiment with these ratios to understand if you respond better when CBD is added or removed from your medication, in addition to the ratio of the two ingredients. 


Gummies with THC for Sleep

If you’re insomnia is due to pain or racing thoughts and anxiety over your insomnia, higher levels of THC may be needed.  In theses cases, we often recommend THC only gummies.  Higher doses of THC are needed to control pain issues that contribute to loss of sleep.  If you’re interested in tackling pain or restless thoughts head-on when you go to bed, consider incorporating 5 or 10 mg THC Indica gummies to treat your sleep deprivation. While not all gummies made with Indica strains will prepare you for bed, it’s often the best place to start.

Watch out for gummies made with energetic strains that might keep you awake or heighten anxiety to make sure you get the desired experience. Not all gummies are created equal, and you’ll want to find something that was specifically formulated for sleep with terpenes that fit your physiology and genetics.

Remember to start low and go slow when working with medical cannabis for any health condition. 

At Compassionate Telemedicine, we believe that sleep is integral for physical and mental wellbeing.  THC gummies are a fantastic holistic alternative for treating insomnia. 



Dr. Allison Kendrick

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