Why Won't Dan Patrick Help Expand the Use of Medical Cannabis?

Will Texas Ever Expand Its Medical Cannabis Program?


The Compassionate Use Act for use of medical cannabis in our state was first passed in 2015.  This act allowed low dose THC medical marijuana to be used as holistic treatment for only one condition - intractable epilepsy.

In 2019, the Compassionate Use Program added seven more conditions to the program:

-  Seizure disorders of all types

-  Autism

-  Spasticity

-  Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

-  Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

-  Terminal Cancer

-  A list of neurodegenerative disorders including dementia and chronic   traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) 

At Compassionate Telemedicine, we have used medical cannabis to treat these conditions with a high level of success and patient satisfaction.  So why isn’t this program being expanded to offer help to other patients who have been proved to benefit from its therapeutic use?

The answer is our Lt Governor, Dan Patrick, is simply blocking this bill - despite bowing to public pressure and sending HB 1535 to committee.  He sent it to committee, and now he is stalling on calling the committee to run out the final ours of this year’s legislative session.  A single man has the power to decide exactly who and how many people should have access to pain relief, while allowing others to continue to suffer with opiates as their only option.

House Bill 1535 was introduced to the Texas Legislature this year.  This bill would not only increase the THC cap to 5%, but it would add PTSD and chronic pain to the list of qualifying conditions, while providing a method for doctors to to recommend additional conditions that are known to respond to medical cannabis.  In a time where we just saw new laws being passed that decriminalize illicit drug use, we are seeing no advancement on legitimizing the medical qualities of cannabis.  This paradox points to a lack of logic in Dan Patrick’s approach to cannabis in general.

At Compassionate Telemedicine, we support the expansion of the Texas Medical Cannabis Program.  We want to see cannabis treated as a legitimate holistic alternative, that can be used to reduce addiction to harmful pharmaceutical drugs.  We also wish Dan Patrick would get his foot of the neck of scientific and compassionate enlightenment.


Dr. Allison Kendrick

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