How to Find Medical Marijuana Doctors In Austin Texas

How to Find Medical Marijuana Doctors In Austin Texas


How Do You Find The Best Medical Marijuana Doctors in Texas?

Look no further than Compassionate Telemedicine - a cannabis specialist company, with board- certified doctors who have been trained and work in the state of Texas.  Our physicians are registered to qualify patients for the Compassionate Use Program, also known as T.CUP, for the use to low dose THC to treat our patients holistically with plant- based medicine. 


Look no further than Compassionate Telemedicine, which provides a HIPPAA complaint, telemedicine platform to conduct evaluations from the comfort of your own home. 


While other platforms exist to connect patients with cannabis doctors in Texas, our website is locally based in Austin.  Most companies that show up in searches for medical marijuana card in Texas will lead the engine search to large, out-of-state corporations that overcharge for their services by hiring physicians who are not even listed on the company website.  How do you trust your medical care to a company that will not list the doctors who work for them and show the physician’s  credentials?



How Does a Person Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Texas?

The answer is you don’t.  There IS no medical marijuana card in Texas.  In our state, patients must be evaluated by a registered doctor to receive a prescription for medical marijuana.  Any website that advertises they will give you a medical marijuana card is advertising false information. 

How Do You Find a Qualified Doctor to Provide the Best Medical Cannabis Care?



Compassionate Telemedicine is a women- owned business.  We hire doctors who are board-certified and have worked within their specialties in the best institutions in our state.  The company was founded by Dr Allison Kendrick.  Dr Kendrick received her education in the top schools in the country, graduating magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa from Columbia University for both undergraduate and post-graduate pre-medical training.  She also holds a graduate degree in neuroscience from UCLA.  She graduated from Brown Medical school in Rhode Island, and proceeded to residency training at Baylor Medical School in Houston Texas.


Dr Rice is board-certified in ER medicine, and she has practiced in several prominent hospitals throughout the Houston area.  She received her medical degree at the University of Alabama.  She went on to do her residency at the prestigious Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York.  Dr Rice is also a registered medical marijuana doctor in Texas, where she knows the details of Texas-specific laws surrounding low dose THC prescriptions, in addition to the specific forms of cannabis that can be used legally within the state. 




What Conditions Can Be Legally Qualified for Medical Marijuana in Texas?

In Texas, most of the approved conditions are neurologically based.  These conditions include:

-  seizure disorder

-  spasticity

-  Parkinson’s disease

-  Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

-  Mutiple Sclerosis (MS)

-  Cancer

-  Autism spectrum disorders

-  A long list of incurable neurodegenerative disorders

-  Dementia - Alzheimers, vascular, and other subtypes



How Do I Make an Appointment for a Consultation to Receive a Medical Cannabis Prescription in Texas?

Just go to our website at to get started.  We have a receptionist available to answer any questions and help you with technical issues registering online.  Our office number is 512-827-3424.  We welcome all calls and questions to put your mind at ease about adding medical marijuana to your treatment plan. 


Once you have registered, the chat/support bar in the lower left corner of the screen has a staff that can arrange your initial consult or follow up consult in a few minutes.  They can also help you upload medical records into our system to help you to qualify for low dose THC treatment in Texas.

Initial consults are charged $150, and follow up appointments are $100 each.  

Dr. Allison Kendrick

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